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Jan 30, 2017

In this episode, John and Jeff take a look at Vinhos Deluxe and more specifically, the Special Vintage 2016 rule set. We've got a lot to say about how it stacks up against the 2010 version of the game as well as how it relates to Vital Lacerda's other big deluxe edition game, The Gallerist

Jan 23, 2017

John and Jeff take a look at the rise of Darth Asmodée. As publisher after publisher is consumed by its explosive growth, what effect will it have on the board gaming industry? Will FFG's new policies on online sales help your FLGS or is it all just a Jedi mind trick? Most importantly, is this hobby bubble about...

Jan 15, 2017

Hello and welcome to the pilot episode of Between Turns! This is a podcast about board games, current (and not so current) events and basically anything else we meander into during our weekly gaming sessions. In this episode, John and I talk about the separation of Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games, what...